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These are a selection of the festivals and events Camplitude are pitching up to. Click the logos for full details.
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Lets Rock Exeter! 2021

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PennFest 2021

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About us

Camplitude is a professional, pre-pitched tent accommodation provider at festivals and events across the UK. Offering festival accommodation at competitive prices.

We strive for you to have the best possible time at your festival. We make sure this happens by providing quality customer care and comfortable accommodation so you can relax and enjoy the weekend. We want you to camp with attitude.

By choosing to pitch up with Camplitude, as well as the pre-pitched accommodation, you’ll receive several benefits which include;

  1. Exclusive Camplitude area access in the festival glamping zone.
  2. Use of the posh festival loos in the campsite glamping zone. (Dependant on the event, please check your festival for more information)
  3. Warm showers. (Dependant on the event, please check your festival for more information)
  4. 24 Hour security on site.
  5. Complimentary Camplitude goodie bag full of useful festival accessories, which include, Eye patches, Ear plugs, Rain poncho’s and Face towels.
  6. A luxury tent area which has hairdryers, mirrors and power points to charge your phone.




Our Mission

Our Mission is for you to have the best possible time at your festival! We think there is nothing better than arriving at a festival and going straight to the arena for what you came for, the music! Let us take care of the tent. That is why we strive to make sure you are as comfortable as possible during your camping experience so you can have a festival to remember.

Being Eco-friendly

By choosing Camplitude you are also helping to contribute to a more sustainable festival campsite. Many people that take their own tents to festivals end up throwing them away at the end of a fantastic weekend. This is a lot of waste for a single weekend. We help you avoid this as we do the hard work of putting up and taking down the tent ourselves. On the Camplitude campsite we strive to leave the area in pristine condition, many of the festivals take place in beautiful environment's so it is our duty to leave it how it was found.


Got a question?  Try the selection below but if you cant find what you want contact us!

What are the tents like?


tent2 man




tunnel tent6 man

2, 4 and 6 Person Tent

Full Carpet, Rug, Doormat, Low crate table, battery fairy lights, bunting


What are the benefits of choosing Camplitude?

  1. Your Pre-pitched Tent. (No hard work for you!)
  2. Exclusive Camplitude area access in the festival glamping zone.
  3. Use of the posh festival loos in the campsite glamping zone.
  4. Warm showers.
  5. 24 Hour security on site.
  6. A luxury tent area which has hairdryers, mirrors and power points to charge your phone.

Please note that these benefits vary from festival to festival. Please check the individual festival you are attending to see the benefits from that event. It can be found under the campsite information tab.

What do I need to bring on the day?

All you need to bring is your ticket with your booking reference number and then we handle putting up your accommodation.

Festival Day! step by step guide

Step 1: Arrive at the Festival of your choice.

Step 2: Head for the sign posted campsite entrance. (Look on the festival’s website of your choice to find out where the campsite will be.

Step 3: Enter the campsite by showing the festival of choice’s stewards your weekend camping ticket.

Step 4: Now head for the visible camplitude entrance and show our stewards your booking reference on your camplitude ticket.

Step 5: Our staff will now give you your complimentary goodie bag and show you to your pre-pitched accomodation.

Step 6: Enjoy your weekend!!!

What type of ticket do I need to use camplitudes service?

The camplitude camping area is located within the festival campsite, therefore you must have a festival weekend camping ticket to be able to access camplitudes area. You will not be able to access the site if you have just a weekend non camping ticket.

Can I book my accommodation and festival ticket separately?

You can, but you can only purchase a camplitude ticket after you’ve booked a festival ticket. If you book with camplitude and don’t get a festival ticket you will be subject to our cancellation policy. For more information please visit terms and conditions.

What can be taken home after the festival is over?

After the festival is over we take care of the hard work of packing the tents away, you are able to keep the sleeping bags that you purchase or alternatively you can opt to donate them to local charities all in the name of a good cause. You are also able to keep the complimentary camplitude goodie bag.

What days am I able to use my tent?

You are able to use your tents from the festival of your choice designated start and end date and time.

Do we get a designated area or can we choose where we camp

Camplitudes tents are pre-pitched in a designated area of the campsite by the festival therefore we are unable to provide options to choose where you will be staying.

How do I locate my tent when I arrive?

Head for the Camplitude entrance which will be visible approaching the campsite entrance, once you reach this entrance our staff will show you your designated tent. Please bring with you your booking reference number.

Additional arrival information about finding the campsite will be available on the Festivals website.

What time is the designated check in time?

Check in times vary from 9am to 2pm, please check individual festival arrival times as they may vary.

If we’re going with friends can we have our tents pitched together?

Tents that are purchased together at the same time will be put up together, so if you were to purchase 2 two person tents then they would be next to one another. However due to the large amount of tents we cannot ensure you will be next to your friends tent. In exceptional circumstances if you contact us by email we may be able to help.

What toilet and washing facilities are available to camplitude users?

Depending on the festival there are warm showers and loos on the campsite to use.

What’s the security like on the campsite/padlock for tent?

The festivals we provide our service at have 24 hour security in the campsite. However, for added protection you may wish to invest in some zip-padlocks to lock together from the inside of your tent.

What distance is the festival site from the campsite?

This varies greatly from festival to festival, please ensure you look on the festival of choices website for further information.

How can I pay for my booking?

We accept the following card payment types;

VisaMastercard Maestro JCB Visa Electron

Can I alter items to my booking after purchase?

Unfortunately you cannot, please ensure you select the correct items before you accept to purchase, if you need to alter you purchase then please see our terms and conditions and see our refunds policy.

What is the animal’s policy on the campsite?

We regret that there  are no animals allowed within the campsite.

What is the fire and BBQ policy on the campsite?

We regret that there are no fire’s or BBQ’s allowed on the campsite due to the potent fire risk they present.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes we offer refunds according to our terms and conditions page.

Can we move our tent from the site we are given

Under no circumstances can you relocate your tent from your designated area due to health and safety concerns. See terms and conditions for more information.

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